Twelfth Grade Watercolor Painting

In my experience teaching high school students to work with watercolor, I find that they tend to either love it or loathe it.  Watercolor can be difficult to work with, hard to control, and occasionally seems to have a mind of its own.  Typically one of two things happens: either the student conquers the stuff and finds a style of their own that allows them to manipulate it successfully, or they submit to its properties and capricious characteristics and let it inform the outcome of the work.

This student is one who seems to have found–or is beginning to find– the elusive Happy Medium of watercolor painting.



Charlie Hale, Senior Studio Art

Charlie Hale–Senior, Studio Art


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  1. Jocelyn Collins says:

    Thank you! Visit often–the new school year has started and there will be updates every week or two.

  2. Jocelyn Collins says:

    Glad you enjoy it. Please stop by frequently for updated posts!

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